Wet roads blamed on accident that stalls traffic

Bailey RichardsStaff Reporter

July 12, 2012

HAZARD — Slick conditions following a light rain have been blamed for a wreck that closed down part of Highway 15 on Thursday afternoon and involved a transport truck with AAA Mine Supply.

According to the driver of the truck, a car came into his lane causing him to slam on his breaks. The breaks locked, in turn causing the truck to turn.

“He was in the right hand lane and a car was in the lane beside him and cut over in front of him,” said Officer Tony Brashear with Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement. “When he hit his breaks, where it just rained, it got away from him

As the weight of the back of the truck pushed forward down the hill, the semi-truck jackknifed, throwing the driver into the side. The driver, Kenneth Lyons, was uninjured, according to Brashear. “He is not hurt, but he was a little shook up at first,” said Brashear. “He passed out.”

Brashear said that they hoped to have the road back open shortly.