Wreck in Vicco involves five vehicles

Bailey RichardsStaff Reporter

August 21, 2012

VICCO — A wreck involving five vehicles last week ended with one person being taken to the hospital.

Weather and wet conditions are being blamed for an accident in Vicco on August 15. According to Sheriff’s Deputy Shawn White, standing water was on the road following several weeks of hard rains caused a driver to lose control of her car and slide into a parked truck.

“The primary vehicle hydroplaned and hit a truck on the side of the road,” said White. “Then it went into a parking lot, striking another vehicle and knocking it across the road.”

White said that the car then hit another vehicle once across the road.

“The vehicle that went across the road went into a parked vehicle, then hit a pole and the pole went across two more vehicles,” said White.

All totaled, five cars were involved, but luckily only one person was injured. The driver of the primary vehicle was taken to the hospital with what was described as non-life threatening injuries.

Her name has not been released at this time.

The sheriff’s office is continuing to investigate the accident for any further clues as to what caused it.