Lady Bearcats punch ticket for finals

Tony McGuireSports Editor

November 12, 2012

The first semifinal game of the 8th grade tournament featured the A. B. Combs Lady Bearcats and the Willard Lady Warhawks. The Lady Bearcats were able to control the tempo of the game from start to finish, and they were able to move into the championship game with the win.

The Lady Bearcats were able to pick up a double-digit lead (12-2) by the time the first period horn sounded. A. B. Combs picked up the pace in the second period, and went into the locker room sitting on a 30-5 lead.

The Lady Bearcats picked up the points necessary to start the clock in motion early in the third period. At that point they went to their bench to finish the game. The game ended quietly with A. B. Combs collecting the first ticket to the finals with the 44-8 win.

A. B. Combs (44) Holland 20, Burris 3, Barnett 8, Noble 2, Trent 4, Ison 3, Jones 2 and Jones 2.

Willard (8) Colwell 1, Fields 6 and Osborne 1.