Fiscal court meets to pay bills

Amelia HollidayStaff Reporters

January 24, 2013

HAZARD — The Perry County Fiscal Court held a special meeting Thursday morning to address some transfers and bills that needed to be paid.

The main concern for the meeting was to approve the loan of $50,000 to the Perry County Sheriff’s Office. The money would be given back to the county once allocated money from the coal severance fund, $100,000, is paid to the sheriff’s office.

Perry County Judge-Executive Denny Ray Noble said the court needed to make sure to help the sheriff’s office when they were in need.

“They’re short on money. They start off every year with nothing on the first of the year. This’ll help them out,” Noble said.

The meeting also addressed a payment mistake to the Kentucky River Regional Jail. Perry County Treasurer Tonya McQueen said the error occurred when she accidentally wrote a $30,994 check to the jail instead of the animal shelter. The check was written out of the coal severance fund and intended for a project for the shelter. McQueen said as soon as she discovered the mistake she took action to correct it.

“Yesterday I discovered that check should have been written to the animal shelter; it’s their coal severance project,” McQueen explained. “I called Tim Kilburn, the jail administrator, and he brought me a check to reimburse us for the $30,994.27 exactly.”

McQueen said she wanted to make sure the correction had been reflected in the court records for future reference.