Motocross riders score first place finishes

October 17, 2013

Three local motocross riders scored some hardware this month at the Daniel Boone Motocross 2013 FOX and American Bluegrass Championships.

Nathan Hendrix took first place finishes in the FOX Series on Oct. 12 in the 250c and C/D Unlimited divisions. He finished second during the previous week in the American Bluegrass series on Oct. 6 in C/D Unlimited.

Dalton Noble finished in first place in the Supermini and Schoolboy 1 division during the FOX series this past Sunday. His sister, Brooke Noble, took a first place finish in the girls’ 7-11 division.

Nathan is the son of James and Janet Hendrix of Hazard. Dalton and Brooke are the children of Coby and Brenda Noble of Chavies.