LETTERS: Veterans Day coverage omitted schools’ participation

November 20, 2013

After reading your article on the honoring of our nation’s veterans, I feel that you did a disservice to Buckhorn High School by not mentioning their contributions to the ceremony. The Buckhorn High School boys’ basketball team volunteered their free time to set up and take down the equipment needed for the ceremony. The Buckhorn High School Junior ROTC also volunteered their free time by being present, in full regalia, to honor our veterans.

I applaud you for crediting the Roy G. Eversole Chorus’ participation in the ceremony. But, by omitting the contributions of Buckhorn High School, there is a perception of partiality, whether intentionally or not. Remember these young men and women took time off from their free day to honor the veterans. They were not on a field trip.

I do not have children in school; therefore, I do not favor one school over another. I just feel very strongly that credit should be given where it’s due. It is good to know that our youths are aware of the sacrifices these veterans have made for our country. In turn, I want to thank all the students who took the time to make it a special day for our veterans.

Helen Ascani

Hazard, KY