Buckhorn advances in All ‘A’

Tony McGuire Sports Editor

January 13, 2014

The Buckhorn Wildcats opened the All “A” tournament on Sunday. The Wildcats went on the road to play the Owsley County Owls.

The pace was slow in the first half as the two teams tried to force the other to play their style. At the end of the first period, Buckhorn held the 11-7 lead, and went into the half with the 18-13 advantage.

The play was even in the third period, with the Wildcats ending with the 29-22 lead. Buckhorn exploded in the in the fourth quarter, and quickly put the game on ice. They moved on in the tournament with the 49-35 win.

Buckhorn (49) Connor Hoskins 14 (5 rebounds), Joey Grove 9 (5 rebounds), Josh Crank 7, Caleb Estep 6, Peyton Cooper 4 (3 steals), James Blair 4, Ryan Boggs 3 (8 rebounds) and Dylan Cole 2 (3 rebounds).