Blue Jays beat Hornets in OT

Tony McGuire Sports Editor

January 13, 2014

The Robinson Blue Jays and the Viper Hornets opened this year’s 8th grade county tournament. The game went back and forth with an overtime period needed to settle the issue.

Robinson took the early lead, only to see Viper come roaring back. After a couple of momentum exchanges, the Blue Jays were able to go into the locker room with the 14-10 lead.

Viper controlled the third period, and eventually moved into the 19-15 lead. The Hornets remained in control through much of the fourth quarter, and with just over a minute left to play, they held the six point lead.

Robinson turned up the heat down the stretch, and eventually tied the game at 30, forcing an overtime. The Blue Jays were better in the overtime period, and moved on with the 35-32 win.

Robinson (35) P. Estep 6, C. Williams 8, Z. Hall 11, T. Slone 1, B. Campbell 4 and N. Sebastian 5.

Viper (32) K. Holbrook 6, M. Rice 8, Z. Smith 2, T. Campbell 8 and B. Fugate 6.