Mayor Gorman sets sights on commissioner’s seat

Amelia Holliday Staff Reporter aholliday@civitasmedia.com

January 21, 2014

City of Hazard Mayor Nan Gorman made her position on whether or not she would run again in 2014 for city mayor official last week after putting her name into the bid for one of four city commissioner seats.

“I just feel like that we need some young blood in Hazard. We need some moving young people to try to help the city,” Gorman said.

Gorman, who was the first woman elected to City Hall and the first mayor elected as a write-in candidate in 2010, said while she would love to have another term as mayor she feels like now is her time to step down.

“There are always unfinished things and projects you’ve started that you cannot finish and you’d like to see them finished,” she said.

Gorman said she has been in Hazard politics for over 40 years, most of which was spent as first lady of Hazard while her late husband Bill Gorman held the office. She added that this is one of the reasons she plans to run for a commissioner’s seat this year, to keep serving a city she loves.

“All during Bill’s administration I was extremely helpful to him and I’m extremely interested in the city,” she said. “We loved the city and we went together when we got married to try to make this place a better place.”

A number of other candidates also filed to run for city commissioner last week, including two current city commissioners, Ricky Steele and Fitz Gilbert. Steele will complete his first term in office this year having been elected in 2012, while Gilbert has served for nearly 30 years as a commissioner.

The race for City of Hazard Mayor may finally be heating up as two hopefuls filed to run against Hazard High School Principal Happy Mobelini. Hazard Independent School Board Member Cat Sizemore has thrown his hat into the ring, as has current City Commissioner Jimm Ray Lindon.

Democrat Billy Ray Wilson has filed to run for U.S. Representative, and Heston Beverly, who is also a Democrat, will be running for District 3 Magistrate.

There are still no candidates for races for seats in the City of Buckhorn or City of Vicco; however, with the deadline to file nearly a week away it would seem that the current list of candidates will only continue to expand.

U.S. Senator

Matt Bevin (R)

Gurley L. Martin (R)

Mitch McConnell (R)

Tom Recktenward (D)

Alison Lundergan Grimes (D)

Greg Leichty (D)

U.S. Representative

Billy Ray Wilson (D)

State Senator

Brandon Smith (R)

State Representative

Fitz Steele (D)

Neal Feltner (D)

Circuit Judge

Scott Blair

Alison Wells

Sam Collins

John Hansen

District Judge

Leigh Anne Stephens

County Judge-Executive

Denny Ray Noble (D)

Robert “Butch” Chaney (R)- Withdrawn

Scott Alexander (D)

County Clerk

Haven King (D)


Chris Fugate (D)

Johnnie Brashear (D)

John “Joe” Mize (D)

Les Burgett (D)

Sara Turner (D)

County Attorney

John Carl Shackelford (D)


Dexter Howard (D)

Kenny Miller (D)

Calvin Sizemore (D)

Jeanette Miller Hughes (D)

Darrell “Frog” Cole (D)

Rick Wooton (R)


Wayne E. Bowling (D)

Property Valuation Administrator

John Frank Gross (D)

Magistrate, District 1

Jeffrey Allen Combs (D)

Charles Baker (D)

Jerry Wayne Stacy (D)

Rosa Couch (D)

Keith Miller (D)

Bill Combs (D)

Brownloe Neace (D)

Jeff Dixon (D)

Charles E. Feltner (D)

Frank Hurley (R)

Steve Argonis (R)

Constable, District 1

Nathan Miller (D)

Fred Neace (D)

David R. Baker (R)

Magistrate, District 2

Ronald Combs (D)

Bubby Combs (D)

Hib Herald (D)

James “Big ‘Un” Jewell (D)

Constable, District 2

David B. Miller (D)

Magistrate, District 3

Mark Raleigh (D)

Kenny Cole (D)

James Ritchie (D)

Cletas Moore (D)

Heston Beverly (D)

Constable, District 3

Clayton Church (D)

Eugene “Buck” Fields (D)

Dwight Wooton (R)

Mayor, City of Hazard

Happy Mobelini

Jimmy Ray Lindon

Aster “Cat” Sizemore

Hazard City Commission

Janie Combs Hackney

Ricky Steele

J. “Fitz” Gilbert

Nan H. Gorman

Susan Martin Brotherton

Ronnie Joe Bryant

Ricky Steele

J. “Fitz” Gilbert

Amelia Holliday can be reached at 606-436-5771, or on Twitter @HazardHerald.