Letter to the Editor

February 19, 2014

Dear Editor,

I would like to address the people of District 1. First, I believe that I am the first woman to file for Magistrate in Perry County.

I have my own ideas of what a magistrate’s job duties should be. I believe that a magistrate, any magistrate, should monitor all the roads in his or her district, and if an area needs work or improvements he or she should inform the road foreman and get regular updates until the work is completed. He or she should make every effort to keep all county roads in their district scraped and salted during inclement weather. He or she should stay in contact with the people that have concerns about their roads. He or she should attend every fiscal court meeting and represent the people of his or her district in a professional and educated manner.

Next, I live here and drive these roads every day, and I feel that there is a need to communicate more with the people. If I am elected, I will start up and maintain a website where all residents are able to post their comments or complaints. I will monitor the site daily. I will post daily to the site with photos detailing the roads I have monitored that particular day. I will post any safety concerns and I will personally investigate each complaint. I will then post daily updates as to the status of the complaint or repair.

If elected, the people of District 1 will know where I am each day and what I am doing. I will regularly post ads to both the newspaper and the radio reminding the people of District 1 that I am out there for them and re-post my phone numbers so that every resident has a means of contacting me.

I believe that the people should have knowledge of the work their magistrate is doing and should be informed of any breaks, slips, or safety issues in the roads that they drive every day with their families. I believe that the people should feel confident that their magistrate is out there working every day.

I believe that I would be a good magistrate.

I have worked for the fiscal court for over a decade. These years of working closely with the fiscal court have given me the experience necessary to be a productive member.

By driving out I know now more than ever that we must have a good magistrate, but it is my frustration as a resident of District 1, living on a county road that prompted me to file for magistrate.

I appreciate your consideration and urge you to stand up for your communities and families and say we deserve this.

Let’s work together to make District 1 a better and safer place to live and travel.

Rosa Couch

PRIDE Coordinator, District 1 Magistrate candidate