Nationals 10, Yankees 7

Tony McGuire Sports Editor cpsports@gmail.com

May 19, 2014

Late last week, the little league field featured the Yankees and the Nationals. The Yankees scored early, but gave up the lead to the Nationals. The Nationals then mounted a strong comeback to take the win.

The first run of the game belonged to the Yankees as they scored a single run in the first inning. The Nationals erased the run, and took the lead 2-1 in the third inning.

A high-octane exchange in the fourth inning left the Nationals with the 7-3 advantage. The Nationals then went up 10-3 in the fifth inning.

The Yankees rallied in the sixth inning, and began to creep closer to the Nationals. However, the rally ran out of steam, leaving the Yankees short of the comeback 7-10.

Nationals (10) Jarrett Napier 1 hit and 2 runs; Micah Steele 1 hit and 2 runs; Dawson Browning 2 hits; Evan Neace 1 run; Gus Mullins 1 run; Dylan Knight 1 run; and Tyler Day 3 runs.

Yankees (7) Hank Pelfry 2 hits and 3 runs; Wade Pelfry 2 runs; Gavin Clutts 2 hits and 1 run; Garrett Miller 1 hit; Cameron Caudill 2 hits; Braxton Davidson 2 hits; Jaxon Hamilton 1 hit; and Cameron Combs 1 run.

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