On March 29, city and county leaders, members of the Hazard Fire Department and community members all gathered in the parking lot of the Hazard ARH Medical Center to participate in a prayer gathering and to thank all the healthcare workers during the covid-19 pandemic. During the gathering, people practiced social distancing and remained in their vehicles, and left their lights on for staff within the hospital to see. Pastors praised and led in worship from the parking lot. Prayers were broadcast on 101.1 WSGS. ARH officials said they were very appreciative of the gesture. “Thank you to the people of our community who came out to pray for our healthcare workers and for a speedy end to the COVID-19 crisis,” said ARH officials in a statement. “We saw you sitting in your cars with lights on. We heard your prayers on the radio. We sang 'Amazing Grace' with you. Our hearts are touched.”