Adams visits Perry County

On Oct. 26, Secretary of State Michael Adams visited several county clerk offices throughout the state, including Perry County's. While visiting the clerk's office, he toured the building and checked up on how voting has been going for the county. “The county clerks have done an amazing job. They've really had to pivot on a dime and adopt a different system on a very short notice with very little time to train their workers, but they have done an amazing job,” said Adams. Perry County Clerk Wayne Napier said he was happy about the feedback from Adams. “He said we were doing a great job, so that's a good thing,” said Napier. This year, Adams said, voting will be very easy for people and will be available in may ways. “It's never been easier to vote in Kentucky than it is this year. That's a silver lining from this pandemic, that it's easier to vote,” said Adams. “You've got four great options. You can vote on election day in-person, you can vote before election day in-person.” Voting can be done in-person at the Perry County Courthouse before Nov. 3, in-person on Nov. 3 at the voting supercenter or a designated polling location, or people can send in an absentee ballot or use the drop box outside of the courthouse prior to Nov. 3. Adams said he encourages people to vote early and avoid lines if possible.