Anyone walking through downtown Hazard has seen the painted tarp hanging over the front of the building that the Appalachian Arts Alliance has been renovating to use as their new Art Station.

Construction has begun on the building and a new roof is currently being installed.

Downtown Coordinator Bailey Richards, a board member of the Appalachian Arts Alliance, said that more upgrades are to follow. Richards said that the Appalachian Arts Alliance bought the building around six to seven years ago and a number of factors kept them from renovating the space until recently.

“The building has been empty a very long time and a lot of things have gotten out of hand maintenance wise,” said Richards.

She also said that once construction on the roof is completed, the next phase of installing new doors and windows in the Art Station will begin.

However, construction is not the only thing on which the Appalachian Arts Alliance has been at work recently.

“The Appalachian Arts Alliance is about to embark on the capital campaign,” said Richards. “The capital campaign is aimed at raising money, not only for the Art Station, but also some programs we’re doing.”

Richards said they already offer classes and programs upon which they want to expand.

“The total goal is $50,000, we’re going to have $25,000 of that by the end of July,” said Richards. “We have some people who have said that they’re going to match that initial $25,000 with another $25,000.”

Richards said that after they raise funds in July raising the rest would take place over the remainder of the year.

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