A Bulan man pleaded guilty to a manslaughter charge linked to the death of a Perry County man in a DUI crash in 2017.

On, Tuesday, April 30, Kaegan Welch-Embry, 25, appeared in Perry County Circuit Court for trial in relation to the 2017 death of Stephen Griffie. Embry was indicted in October 2017, and charged with murder and first-offense operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

According to court documents, in March 2017, Embry knowingly operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances. This, documents stated, created a known risk of death to other persons and did cause the death of Stephen Griffie, an occupant in another vehicle.

The morning of the trial, as officials were getting ready to start the trial, Embry pleaded guilty.

Perry County Commonwealth’s Attorney Scott Blair said the plea was offered because during the time of the incident, there was a two-hour window for presumption and for to blood to be tested and drawn. Embry was flown to Tennessee, so logistics didn’t allow blood to be drawn, explained Blair.

“That’s why we didn’t really go (push) for murder, because without that blood it would’ve been really hard,” said Blair.

Embry did get sentenced the maximum amount for manslaughter, which is 10 years, said Blair.

Blair said the plea deal was both a win and a loss.

“We feel like it was a win, but in these situations it never really is because we can’t bring the person back,” said Blair. “We’re happy in one aspect, and in another we’re still quite somber,” he continued.

“This was emotional,” said Blair. “It’ll never bring back Stephen Griffie, unfortunately. He was a great guy. But at least well keep an intoxicated, impaired, drugged driver off the road for another eight years.

“In the end we feel that justice was served as much as we could serve it,” said Blair.

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