Children’s Cloud Daycare officially opens

On April 13, Children’s Cloud Daycare officially opened in Hazard. Chassidy Woods, owner of Children’s Cloud Daycare, said she had intended to be open by the beginning of March, but due to delays caused by the pandemic, that date was pushed to a later time. The opening day, said Woods, went well. “It went smooth. I’m actually already full,” she said, stating that she has met her capacity of enrolled children. “The kids had a good time. I think they really enjoyed just being together and just being able to socialize and make friends,” Woods said. This week, she said, the students have been participating in themed activities. “The whole theme this week is transportation and Mother Nature, so we actually have two themes this week that are going on,” she said. So far, Woods said, students have made model railroad tracks and painted a tornado, and through the week they will complete other activities such as making a tornado in a bottle and going on a nature walk. Children’s Cloud Daycare is located at 121 Moore Street in Hazard. For more information or to schedule services, contact Chassidy Woods by calling her at 606-216-6874 or by emailing her at