Since July 2018, a local man has been extending efforts to clean up Perry County. He recently announced his concern for the community’s cleanliness and enforcement of codes to keep areas clean. 

During the Jan. 23 fiscal court meeting, Bobby Brown, a member of the Krypton Volunteer Fire Department, addressed court members, asking them to establish and enforce an ordinance for signs (political and otherwise) and providing court members with a packet of photos showing how littered the area is with signs. Among the areas Brown used to demonstrate the problem were Ky. 451, Krypton Lick Branch Road, Combs Road and Ky. 28.

The election signs, Brown said, should only be allowed in certain areas and only for a certain amount of time. After the election, candidates should remove the signs by a specific time frame or be fined, Brown said. 

“It is atrocious,” said Brown. “I, as a citizen, (don’t) want to see the county having to clean up these signs, using my tax money to do that.

“It is going to take an ordinance and enforcing it to stop it,” Brown said. 

Perry County Judge-Executive Scott Alexander agreed the signs are an issue and assured Brown the court is working on the problem, stating that the county does have an ordinance in place, but it is being reviewed. 

“We are going to address it,” said Alexander. “We want to clean up in every possible way we can.”

Alexander said the jail crew has been removing some of the signs when they clean areas. Jailer Dexter Howard confirmed the crew had removed 514 signs as of Jan. 23. Alexander also said he has personally removed over 100 signs as he saw them. 

“We’ve been keeping up because we do know we need to address it and get something in place,” said Alexander. “What we’re wanting and hoping to do, is when candidates run — when they come and sign up — we’ll have a form there for them to sign so they know what the sign ordinance is and the codes are.”

A few days after the fiscal court meeting, on Saturday, Jan. 26, Brown went out and cleaned up garbage that was polluting the interstate and swimming pool area surrounding the Tunnel Hill graveyard, part of the old River Processing employee park. Brown said the bulk of garbage was over the hill.

“I just don’t understand that this is still happening when we have mandatory garbage pickup,” said Brown. He continued. “ (It) has to be people that are not on the program.”

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