During the Jan. 23 fiscal court meeting, Perry County Sheriff Joe Engle gave updates on the recent changes in the financial status of the Perry County Sheriff’s Department. 

The status of the office sparked a war of words between Engle and former sheriff Les Burgett over questions about the financial state of the office and equipment.

“Things have greatly improved,” said Engle. 

Engle did not address issues regarding computers or vehicle situation, but did say that the PCSD is not in debt and will get its loan.

“I was not left with any kind of debt from the previous administration, the system is not set up that way,” said Engle. He continued, “It was just the unpaid state advancement at the first of the year.”

Engle continued, explaining to the fiscal court and community members in attendance that they had worked things out with the state. 

“Rep. Chris Fugate worked it out where they’ll go ahead and the state has agreed to advance us all of our money so we’re not in crisis mode anymore,” said Engle. “We’re going to be able to get all our state advancement money as normal.

“All the bills are paid, the payroll is good. So everything is good on that end, everything is in financially good shape,” he continued.

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