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Following the collapse of the Mother Goose building’s head, many people and businesses, such as Kayla Foster, owner of Nicely Iced KY, have stepped up to help raise funding for donations. Recently, Foster’s business raised approximately $400 in donations for the repair of the Mother Goose through a fundraiser where she sold goose shaped cookies.

After the Mother Goose building’s head fell from the building last month, several local businesses and community organizations came together to raise money for the reconstruction of the building’s head. Those fundraising efforts have continued, and plans are in motion to begin restoring the Mother Goose to her former glory, said the family.

Alice McIntosh, owner of the Mother Goose, said that since the head fell, there has been an outpouring of support locally and from afar, and the family is very appreciative of it.

“The community is reaching out. Local people, just people that don’t have a lot of money,” said McIntosh. “The people that are giving us money are people that actually had their ancestors do some work on the Goose.”

She said several of the people who have donated shared stories about their ancestors working on or visiting the Mother Goose years ago.

Additionally, she said, a local carpenter is in the process of helping the family rebuild the handmade cedar door that was shattered during the incident.

“That means a lot to me, that door,” said McIntosh, explaining that her uncle hand-made the door before going to war. “I was tickled to death that he was going to redo my door.”

Help from other areas has also been offered, said McIntosh.

 “Craig Potts from the State Historical Preservation Office is working really closely with us to get it restored,” said McIntosh, stating that Potts is based out of Frankfort but has been by many times to inspect the building, as have other partners involved in the reconstruction process, such as Bryan Lewis, of Lewis Brother’s Construction. Architectural engineers are working on a plan to reconstruct the head, said McIntosh, and much of the plan is going to involve using materials from the original head.

“They’re talking about using as much of the historic (pieces) to preserve as much as they can of the head, so they’re going to do that,” she said. “It’s just amazing.”

Two local businesses have also contributed donations to the reconstruction of the Mother Goose, said McIntosh. Nicely Iced KY donated approximately $400 and Appalachian Apparel Co. donated $2,100, she said.

Kayla Foster, the owner of Nicely Iced KY, said she wanted to help raise funds for the Mother Goose, because it was one of the reasons she was drawn to Perry County.

“I just love unique buildings with character,” said Foster. “I’m originally from New York, so when I moved here to Kentucky that was one of the things that kind of drew me in to the character of Hazard was the Goose. I mean how often do you see a building shaped like an animal? I guess that uniqueness, I fell in love with it.”

“When I first started my business, I was contacted by Sherry Spradlin who does the Mother Goose, so I actually made a customer a cookie cutter that is goose-shaped. I usually do those goose cookies for the holidays just to celebrate the (Mother) Goose,” said Foster. “When I heard that the head had fallen off that was my first thought, that I’d love to be able to help raise some money to be able to fix it.”

Foster said she believed that she would not make a large amount of money during the fundraising efforts, but said she still wanted to contribute as much funding as she could, because she know how hard the process could be.

“I didn’t figure I’d make a big amount to put towards the Goose, but I thought anything that might help since insurance isn’t going to cover it,” said Foster.

Although the Mother Goose is owned by McIntosh and her family, she said she sometimes feels that the community owns a large part of the building as well.

“I know I’m a caretaker for it, but I don’t feel like I own it. It’s really just the community,” said McIntosh, stating that she and the family try to maintain the building for the community to enjoy. “This time it’s more than we can do, but people are really helping. I’m really blessed to know the community is pulling together with us.”

All of the efforts and plans, she said, are in motion, and the family hopes to see progress done on the Mother Goose soon. Once complete, she said, they hope to have a grand re-opening ceremony to celebrate with the community.

“All this stuff is already in action, so I don’t think it’s going to be that long,” said McIntosh. “I think it needs back up and when it does we’ll have a grand re-opening and have the community come celebrate with us.”

McIntosh said the family has a goal of $20,000, and hopes that will be enough.

“We’re getting close to that now,” she said, adding that they have collected approximately $15,000 so far. Donations are still being accepted at this time, said McIntosh.

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