The Leslie County man who was arrested in connection with the June murder of Marlena Holland Howard Hurt at the Bobby Davis Park appeared in Perry District Court for his preliminary hearing on Aug. 6.

In court, represented by attorney Frank Riley, Anthony Ray Lewis, 48, formerly of Yeaddiss, waived his right to a preliminary hearing, allowing the case to be bound over for potential action by a Perry County grand jury.

“A lot of times, the preliminary is sort of a fact-finding thing, so a lot of times they’ll wave it if they know the facts are against them or if they know they won’t have a chance, especially if it’s gruesome or awful,” said Perry Commonwealth’s Attorney Scott Blair.

Blair said his office has not given notice to court or decided if they will pursue the death penalty against Lewis in the case, but said that option could most definitely be on the table.

“Kentucky law has certain criteria, they call them aggravating factors, that you have to meet before the case is eligible for the death penalty, and I believe that this case will be one that is eligible for the death penalty given the volume and nature of his past criminal record and the facts of this case,” said Blair.

Blair said the grand jury is scheduled to meet Aug. 16, and he hopes to have more details about the case against Lewis then.

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