The City of Hazard and the Housing Development Alliance have partnered to revitalize the former Allais shopping center and plan to turn the building into 15 new energy efficient homes. Hazard City Manager Derrick Hall said that the partnership was made possible by a grant.

“We applied for a community development block grant  — $791,000, to acquire the old Allais shopping center that used to be Maloney’s and IGA,” he said.

Hall added that both the city and the Housing Development Alliance will be working at the site during the process.

“We’re going to take that property, clean up all of the old building that are there and put it in suitable form, put new utilities in and everything,” Hall said. “Whenever we get through with it the housing alliance is going to come in and build 15 new single family homes there.”

Hall said officials hope to be finished with the city’s work on the project by the end of the year and turn it over to HDA.

The revitalization of the Allais shopping center is one of many grant-funded projects the city has undertaken in 2019 in an effort to revitalize Hazard and Perry County.

“We’re just really looking forward to revitalizing that neighborhood,” said Hall. “Growing up and spending a lot of time in that shopping center down there, it was a very thriving neighborhood.”

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