Hazard Independent’s new superintendent takes office

On July 1, Sondra Combs assumed the role of superintendent for the Hazard Independent school district.

For months, the Hazard Independent Board of Education has been going through the process of interviewing candidates to hire as the new superintendent for district. On July 1, Sondra Combs assumed the role of superintendent for the Hazard Independent school district, and had her first official day in office.

“As I begin the journey as superintendent, I am excited about the upcoming year,” said Combs. “It is an honor to have this incredible opportunity to provide academic excellence in a caring, supportive climate for our students.”

Although she is new to the position of superintendent, Combs said she she is very familiar with the Hazard Independent Schools District, as she has worked with them for more than 20 years.

“I’ve been at every level,” said Combs, explaining that she has served in many different roles.

Combs first started her career with Hazard Independent in 1992 when she became a speech therapist for the district, she said. AFter that, Combs said she served as a teacher at Hazard High School, assistant principal at Hazard High School, principal at Roy G. Eversole Elementary School, assistant basketball coach and most recently, as assistant superintendent for the district for the past three years.

“For 26 years, I’ve been dedicated to this school system to serve the students of Hazard,” said Combs. “I am a long-time administrator and educator whose focus is improving culture and climate across the district, increasing student achievement and implementing deeper learning strategies to make lessons come alive for students and teachers.”

In addition to her long-time career involvement with the district, Combs said all three of her sons attended Hazard Independent schools growing up, and she has formed many important friendships along the way, she said.

“I have a true love for Hazard Independent Schools,” said Combs. “All my children have been through the complete system, and in Hazard Independent, I think we consider ourselves family, everybody in it.”

Combs said she believes the district has been very successful in preparing children for life after school, and that she expects to continue on the tradition.

“I do believe that our district is committed to preparing students for college and careers for the 21st century,” said Combs. “In order to accomplish this task, we depend on our exceptional teaching staff that continuously raises the bar in their classrooms and the dedication and hard work of everyone.

“I’m very proud of our district and the accomplishments that we’ve had so far,” Combs said. “We have strong schools and a strong community. That goes hand-in-hand for our students to be successful. With our strong foundation that has been built over many years, we will continue to build a district that exemplifies excellence in all we do.”

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