Last week, on Nov. 10, Virgil Baker, 36, of Hazard, appeared in Perry District Court for arraignment in relation to charges of domestic abuse, unlawful imprisonment, strangulation and several other charges lined to an incident which allegedly occurred in October.

In court documents, the affiant, Jason Duff, of the Perry County Sheriff's Office, states that on Oct. 12, Baker was in a domestic violence incident with a female victim. The defendant and the victim, said Duff, have two small children in common, and the children were inside the residence the entire time of the domestic incident.

“According to the victim, she and the defendant were drinking at the residence and around 1:30 a.m., the defendant got the victim's phone and saw where she had been talking to another male. The defendant then began assaulting the victim multiple times on all parts of her body by using his hands. The victim had bruising, scratches and other red marks on multiple parts of her body,” said Duff in the complaint warrant. Baker, said the documentation, also intentionally choked the victim by wrapping his hands around her neck.

The victim, said Duff, stated that the defendant then got a Glock .40 pistol and began to strike her head with the pistol, causing lacerations to her head.

“While assaulting the victim with the firearm, the firearm discharged near the victim's head, going through a pillow then the edge of the mattress,” court documents said. “The round went through the head board of the bed, through the curtains and blinds and then through the inside wall exiting on the outside of the residence. The discharged round did not strike the victim but has caused the temporary loss of hearing in her ear.”

Duff said the victim claimed she then went to the bathroom to get away from Baker, but he followed her and would not let her out of the restroom, telling her to “sit back down, we're not finished talking.” Court documents said the victim alleged that Baker made statements that he would kill the victim.

Baker, said Duff, then got into his vehicle and attempted to leave the property, and as he did he struck a chain link fence causing damage to the entire fence. The defendant also unlawfully took the victim's phone when he left the residence.

Baker was arrested on Nov. 2 and has been charged with second-degree assault domestic violence, first-degree strangulation, first-degree wanton endangerment, first-degree unlawful imprisonment, third-degree terroristic threatening, endangering the welfare of a minor, first-degree criminal mischief and theft under $500.