Hazard named as one of the best school districts in Kentucky

On July 19, Hazard Independent was named among the top ten best school districts in Kentucky by Stacker.com, which compiled a list of the best school districts in Kentucky using rankings from Niche. Niche ranks school districts based on a variety of criteria including academics (SAT/ACT scores and state proficiency tests), teacher salaries, expenses per student and access to extracurricular activities. Hazard ranked ninth on the list. “Hazard is a special community,” said Hazard Superintendent Sondra Combs. “Our staff and our community strive every day to produce the safest and best environments for our students to learn and grow. Students at Hazard work hard to achieve their goals. We provide a variety of programs that meet the needs of each student. We are so proud to receive this recognition, which is truly reflective of our full community’s work to foster a vibrant future for all. We are very proud of our district and always look to continue to grow and see success for the students we are privileged to educate."