Hazard officials begin pressure washing downtown, hope to help beautify the city

In an effort to clean up downtown Hazard, the Hazard Fire Department has begun regular pressure washing of the streets and sidewalks downtown.

Last week, the City of Hazard expanded their efforts of cleaning up downtown. The Hazard Fire Department has begun doing pressure washing of the streets and sidewalks of downtown Hazard. The pressure washing was done from the parking structure to Triangle Park.

“Ideally, we want to get it on a regular rotation,” said Downtown Coordinator Bailey Richards, explaining that the city hopes to do a cycle of cleaning downtown once a month and possibly expand to other areas. To do so, Richards said, will depend on a whole lot of factors, including weather and time availability.

“The city and the county want to make downtown a focal point for the next few years,” Richards said, adding that by making sure downtown looks good, the city is ensuring a successful future and good first impressions. If the town looks clean, she said, people and businesses will want to stay.

“The best way to stop littering is to clean things up. When someone takes ownership of something, people look at it differently,” she said. “We’re showing we do care.”

Announcements will be made about the next areas to be cleaned. City officials have asked that people not park on Main Street during times of future pressure washing sessions.

While the pressure washing should not cause any disturbances under normal circumstances, it is possible that water could go under doors that have gaps, said city officials. Throughout the process of beautifying and revitalizing downtown, city officials said they also encourage building owners to clean their buildings.

If you own a building downtown or operate a business downtown and do not want the side walk in front of your building cleaned, please contact Downtown Coordinator Bailey Richards at bailey.richards@hazardky.gov as soon as possible to make other arrangements. Additionally, contact Richards if you would like assistance in finding a local company to do pressure washing, painting, or general maintenance of the exterior of your building.

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