A crowd gathered at Hazard City Hall Tuesday to discuss funding of more than $165,000 Hazard has received to do work on local roads.

Gray Tomblyn II, commissioner for the Department of Rural and Municipal Aid, along with Hazard Mayor Donald “Happy” Mobelini and Perry County Judge-Executive Scott Alexander addressed the crowd. Tomblyn announced that the City of Hazard would be receiving a grant for blacktopping eight roads in the city.

“This will really help to continue the momentum that’s been in Hazard the past seven or eight months,” Mobelini said.

Although the funding was meant for the City of Hazard, Alexander said that what benefits the city also benefits the county.

“It’s always great working with the city, we’re one,” said Alexander. “We’re really one big region and were doing more and more to recognize that.”

He added that improving infrastructure, such as these roads, would help bring in jobs to the area.

“We all know we need jobs but there’s a lot of infrastructure that comes with that and maintaining our roads is part of it,” said Alexander.

Tomblyn said that since being appointed to his position by Gov. Matt Bevin, he has focused on traveling the state to address infrastructure needs and not focus on politics. “

At the end of the day blacktop is black; it’s not red it’s not blue, you don’t have Republican or Democratic roads, we have Kentucky roads for Kentucky people,” said Tomblyn. “Gov. Bevin has made it clear that it should never matter what political letter is beside your county’s name, or your town’s name or your name.”

Tomblyn said that the application for this discretionary fund is competitive and that Mobelini has been instrumental in gaining this funding for the City of Hazard.

“The transportation cabinet is six billion dollars short of what we need to fix all bridges and all roads that need to be fixed and the Governor has been adamant that we utilize the funding that we do have for worthy projects,” said Tomblyn, “the discretionary fund if different than your county road aid and municipal road aid, which is based on some kind of formula.” Tomblyn added that the discretionary fund is a sum of money that allows the Governor to be flexible in funding projects thorough Kentucky.

Tomblyn announced that the City of Hazard would be awarded a $165,400 grant to focus on blacktopping eight roads within the city.

“At the end of the day, this is your tax money coming back to you,” said Tomblyn.

Alexander said these funds, along with other funds received this year, bring the total received by Perry County this year to nearly $1 million.

“When you start piling this on for the whole county we got $427,000, then there’s a flex pot of money applied to with like $265,000, so counting what the city has got that’s around a million dollars.

The $165,400 grant will be used to blacktop the following roads:

•Adams Ridge

• Eversole Street

• Grand Oak Lane

• High Street

• Rock Hill

• Ridgeview Way

• Ashless Street

• Lyttle Boulevard

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