Diane Gibson

Diane Gibson

A Hazard Community and Technical College staff member, Diane Gibson, the associate professor of Biology at HCTC, was recently named to the Council on Post-secondary Education (CPE)’s Faculty Advisory Network.

The purpose of the Faculty Advisory Network, created by the CPE, is to convey faculty perspectives on state-level policies and initiatives and advise CPE President Dr. Aaron Thompson on matters of interest to the faculty.  The group will also share information from their respective institutions and provide valuable insight on state-level priorities, as well as serve as a conduit of information between CPE and their institutions.

During this academic year, the network will focus on closing achievement gaps, responding to current business needs and enhancing academic quality. The group will meet at least twice during the academic year, with the first meeting being scheduled for Nov. 21 in Frankfort. The group is expected to form professional learning communities around one or more of the priority topics in order to further discussions between meetings.  

HCTC President Dr. Jennifer Lindon said she was pleased to see Professor Gibson take on this leadership role and represent HCTC. “Diane will be a strong advocate for students and I’m looking forward to seeing what this group accomplishes,” said Lindon.

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