Recently, the Housing Development Alliance received substantial funding from the HOME Program and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund that will allow them to serve 50 families this year. HDA officials said they are going to use these funds to help with an even larger long-term goal the organization has. 

“We received, from the Kentucky Housing Corporation, HOME funding and Affordable Housing Trust Fund funding for home ownership and home owner repair,” said Housing Development Alliance Executive Director Scott McReynolds.“We got enough money to help build 20 new homes and repair 30 houses.”

This funding, he said, does have a limit on what kind of repairs can be done. The funds, McReynolds said, have to used for critical repairs such as leaking roofs, crumbling foundation or unsafe electrical issues, and can not be used for solely cosmetic repairs. 

“All together, the total project with all the money we’re going to use for that, will be about $3.5 million,” McReynolds said. Not all of that money is from this particular funding, he said, explaining that these funds combined with funds from other sources total that amount.

“We’re real excited about the fact that when we put everything together, we’re going to be able to serve 50 families,” he said.

The grant is available on a competitive basis every year, said McReynolds, and although the organization generally receives some of the funding, he said, they are always anxious while awaiting the results of recipients. 

“Actually, it’s really nerve wrecking, because this money is really important to the community,” said McReynolds. “It’s one of the biggest and most critical (sources of funding), and if we don’t do really well in it, it means we can’t help as many people.”

This funding will allow the organization to work on their goal of helping more people per year, said McReynolds. 

“The organization is a little older than 25 years, and we figured out in the first 25 years that we served right at 1,000 families,” said McReynolds. “So one of the things that as we thought what does the future hold, even though we’ve helped 1,000 families, we also know that about 40 percent of people in the area are inadequately housed. That includes people who are living in a substandard house, people who are paying too much for their housing, people who are overcrowded. So at 1,000 families per year, there’s about 10,000 families in our service area that are inadequately housed.” Of those 10,000 families, HDA officials said, that includes 7,000 children.

“So at 1,000 (families) every 25 years, it would take us 250 years to meet the need, so we said the need is so big that we want to do more,” said McReynolds. “So we made a commitment to serve the next 1,000 families in just 10 years and that’s a big push of ours,” he said, explaining that the organization is going to aim for helping approximately 100 families per year, so this funding that will help 50 families will help them meet half of their yearly goal.

“We’re off to a great start. this will really help carry us and get going,” said McReynolds. 

The HDA, McReynolds said, will start using the funds to work on projects during the summer. Families can be applying for assistance now, and HDA representatives will be working on determining what the applicants qualify for. To apply, call the HDA at, (606) 436-0497. 

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