2-11 haz Chris Jones in Lane.jpg

Hazard’s Chris Jones drives to the basket in action earlier this season. The Bulldogs picked up a big 79-68 win over Belfry Saturday.

Max Johnson scored 25 points to lead Hazard over visiting Belfry 79-68 in a boys’ high school basketball game on Saturday, Feb. 13.

With the win, Hazard improved to 13-3.

Belfry dropped to 5-7 with the loss.

Hazard shot 52 percent (26 of 50) from the field in the winning effort. The Bulldogs were nine of 22 from three-point range, shooting 40.9 percent beyond the arc.

2-11 haz Samuel Shoptaw at Rim.jpg

Hazard’s Samuel Shoptaw goes up for a shot against Harlan County in action earlier this season.

Hazard shot 56.2 percent (18 of 32) from the free-throw line.

Johnson was four of five from three-point range in the Bulldogs’ win.

Hazard featured four scorers in double figures.

Wade Pelfrey added 22 points for the Bulldogs while Andrew Ford netted 12 points and Jarrett Napier tossed in 10 points.

Rounding out Hazard’s individual scoring, Samuel Shoptaw and Cameron Caudill chipped in eight points and two points, respectively.

Belfry, a team out of the 15th Region, shot 53.8 percent (28 of 52) from the field. The Pirates were one of nine from three-point range.

Belfry shot 64.7 percent (11 of 17) from the free-throw line.

Sal Dean led Belfry in scoring, netting 21 points for the Pirates. Dean was eight of 11 from inside the arc.

2-11 haz Andrew Ford block on Martin 4.jpg

Hazard’s Andrew Ford blocks a Martin County player’s shot from behind in action earlier this season.

Delivering a double-double for Belfry, Bol Kuir, a newcomer for the Pirates, scored 20 points and pulled down 14 rebounds.

In addition to the two players in double figures, Zachary Savage (eight points), Caleb Spears (six points), Tyler Chaffin (six points), Ben McNamee (five points) and Noah Brown (two points) provided scoring for the Pirates.