A state agency has demanded a candidate for Perry County judge-executive remove from social media an image purporting to be an official state document because the document has been altered.

The finding that the document had been altered also resulted in the removal from the online edition of the Hazard Herald of an advertisement by the same candidate.

On Thursday, according to documents obtained by the Hazard Herald, DLG General Counsel Gregory B. Ladd notified Republican candidate for Perry County judge-executive Denny Ray Noble that he must remove from his social media accounts an image of a Local Government Debt Report for Perry County.

“Be advised that by intentionally publishing an altered image of said report, you are misrepresenting an official state document,” Ladd wrote. “Therefore, this email message serves as an official demand that you immediately remove the document from your social media feed.”

The image had been removed from Noble’s social media as of Friday morning, but the document had also been used in an advertisement paid for by Noble and published in the Thursday, Nov. 1, Hazard Herald. At the request of incumbent Judge-Executive Scott Alexander, the Herald removed the advertisement featuring the altered document from the online e-edition.

“We were notified by the DLG of the potential issue on Thursday and, upon the request of Mr. Alexander, we immediately responded to remove the advertisement from our e-edition,” said Hazard Herald Publisher Jeff Vanderbeck. “We expect that candidates will accurately represent the information they present to us for publication, but when they fail to do so, we will take swift and sure action to ensure the correct information is presented.”

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