Employees at the LKLP Safe House for Domestic Violence are hoping to raise awareness about domestic violence during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Officials at Safe House say that domestic violence is very prevalent in this community and they hope raising awareness will help end the silence around the subject.

Nancy Taulbee, LKLP Safe House Emergency Housing Coordinator, and Deb Dunaway, the Program Director, went to several local establishments with brochures, cookies and more in an attempt to raise awareness.

“(Domestic violence is) still prevalent, it’s not going anywhere, it’s still an issue in our communities and we’re still battling it,” said Dunaway. “We’re visiting community partners and distributing material from the program, we made purple cookies, got some purple ribbons we’ll be distributing.”

Brochures distributed by Taulbee and Dunaway say that one out of three female homicide victims are killed by their spouse or an intimate partner, 1 out of three women taken to the emergency room are there for abuse related symptoms, that 95 percent of domestic abuse is perpetrated by males against females and that abuse at home is the most common cause of injuries to women, occurring more often than accidents, muggings and rapes combined.

Both women said that, despite the prevalence of domestic violence in the community, many victims and those who witness it, are still silent.

“Any type of attempt to coerce or control another person by financial, emotional, sexual or psychological means is domestic violence and it’s very prevalent there’s still a lot of silence around it,” said Dunaway. “Here we are almost in 2020 and people are still reluctant to talk about it.”

Taulbee added that many do not notice domestic violence that is not physical. She also said it affects people from every walk of life.

“It’s never your fault,” said Taulbee, “No matter your race, religion, economic status, it has nothing to do with it, we’ve seen it in all aspects of live.”

Both women are encouraging anyone who may be in a domestic violence situation to seek help at the LKLP Safe House. Dunaway said,

“It’s a 24-hour service and we help women and children and provide a safe place for them in a time of need and we also have a child advocate, Jennifer Lewis, who helps with the kids, counseling and referrals,” Taulbee said. “We have a court advocate, Teresa Watts, that goes to court with them and gives council and referrals. What I do is I help them find local housing or if they’d like to move into another area, we help with that and we also have a 12 housing unit for domestic violence victims and their children with security, (set to open in early November) it’s transitional housing that gives them the opportunity to get a fresh start.”

She added that the Safe House also helps those affected by domestic violence find employment.

“We want people to know that there is a safe place for them and we do have a crisis hotline that they can call 24/7,” said Dunaway. “ No one should suffer this in silence without getting help and thats what we’re here for.”

For more information call the LKLP Safe House at, (606) 439-1552, or call the crisis hotline at, 1-800-928-3131.

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