Montana Brands, Stone Glacier and Blackhawk, step up for Montana flood victims

BOZEMAN, MT- Following the historic flooding, many have stepped up to donate resources and money to flood relief efforts.

Hunting and outdoor brands Stone Glacier headquartered in Bozeman and Blackhawk, which has a manufacturing facility in Manhattan, Montana just recently made a donation to help the community.

These two Gallatin County businesses, and their parent company, Vista Outdoor, have collectively made a sizeable donation to the Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund organized by The Park County Community Foundation and the Greater Gallatin United Way.

“Our hearts go out to our neighbors in Paradise Valley affected by the recent record flooding,” Jeff Sposito, the President of Stone Glacier, said via email, “Our state is a tight-knit community, and being able to lend our support to the Park County Community Foundation’s Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund is a small way we can help our fellow Montanans — we know they’d do the same for us.”

If you want to join Stone Glacier, Blackhawk, and Vista Outdoor in donating to the Southwest Montana Flood Relief Fund, text Flood22 to 41444 or vista our website for full details to donate online.

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