Officials: Inmate overpowered guard, escaped

Police say Carl Engle, an inmate at KRRJ, assaulted a guard and escaped custody on Sunday. Later that night, Engle was found and brought back into custody.

Over the weekend, police said, an inmate escaped custody of the Kentucky River Regional Jail by overpowering a guard and taking his clothes. The inmate, officials said, was located and arrested approximately six hours later.

“Around 4:45-4:50 p.m., on Sunday, Sept. 1, inmate Carl Engle was at the hospital due to complaints he had with his health, chest pains,” said Jail Administrator Lonnie Brewer, explaining that Engle had earlier claimed to have ingested illegal substances, causing him to be put in observation at Hazard ARH.

Engle, Brewer said, asked to use the restroom, and then took that opportunity to attack the guard and escape.  

“The deputy uncuffed him (Engle) and when he uncuffed him, the inmate grabbed him (the deputy) by the throat and choked him and demanded that he give him his shirt and shoes,” said Brewer. Engle then handcuffed the deputy to the hospital bed, said Brewer. “At that time, the inmate took the shirt and shoes, and then left the hospital,” Brewer continued.

“The deputy did not have to receive medical attention, but he did have redness where he was choked,” said Brewer.

The jail crew was notified, said Brewer, and they immediately began to search for Engle, with the help of the Hazard Police Department, Kentucky State Police, Perry County Sheriff’s Office and Dist. 1 Constable Ben Stidham.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. Sunday night, Engle was located at the Daniel Boone Motel, said officials.

“He was successfully captured, taken back to the hospital and then put back in the jail,” said HPD Chief of Police Minor Allen.

Engle has been charged with first-degree assault on a corrections officer and second-degree escape. He is currently being lodged in KRRJ.

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