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The Parents of Angels group commemorated the end of 2020 with a ceremonial candle-lighting and other events intended to keep alive the memories of their lost little ones.

Throughout December, group members of the Parents of Angels took turns lighting candles at the monument in the Perry County Park every night throughout the entire month. At the end of the month, on Dec. 31, the group had a small socially distanced candle-lighting ceremony at the monument. The monument was revealed during last year's “Parents of Angels Memory Walk” at the Perry County Park, and is engraved with the names of members' lost loved ones.

Since the monument was first revealed, said Ginger Carroll, a member of the Parents of Angels, several new names have been added to the list and the group is starting to seek donations to expand.

“It continues to grow, sadly, but our arms and hearts are always open to help others who walk the same path of grief that we do,” said Carroll. “Our goal is to enlarge the monument to include the names of many other children who have sadly passed too soon.”

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While the gesture of decorating the Angel Tree on Main Street or lighting candles at the monument may seem small to some, Carroll said the meaning for group members is deep.

“Even lighting a candle or (hanging) an ornament on a tree brings some comfort,” said Carroll.

Carroll said that if anyone has lost a child for any reason, they may add her on Facebook and get connected to the Parents of Angels. Carroll said she can be found as Hope Carroll. The group, she said, is open to anyone, not just parents in Perry County, and they have members from the surrounding counties as well.