PCCHS’s ‘Alice in  Wonderland’ opening

Perry County Central High School’s rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” is opening this week with several performances over the weekend.

The Perry County Central High School drama students will debut their rendition of the classic play “Alice in Wonderland” Thursday, March 27. The students will also perform at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30, as well as at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 31. 

PCCHS Drama/Theater teacher Phillip Neace said the school’s spring production is usually directed by senior class members, but due to the small number of senior students, this performance is being co-directed by a senior student and an AmeriCorp volunteer at PCCHS. Additionally, the play will feature cast members from local elementary schools as well, said Neace. 

The students, Neace said, have been very involved in the production and are looking forward to see how it goes. Neace, along with cast members, said they believe that “Alice in Wonderland” was the perfect choice for students and the community alike. 

“Nobody does ‘’Alice in Wonderland” the same way. Each piece is its own individual work of art,” said Neace, explaining that students took a lot of creative directions in their choices. AmeriCorp volunteer and co-director Jimmy Caudill agreed, stating that many of the students made their characters their own.

“The cast we have, they’re a bunch of crazy individuals and I feel like it (this play) was one of the best choices because it feeds off everyone’s energy,” said Caudill. “We didn’t want to rip off the Tim Burton thing.”

Shanna Cornett, a PCCHS senior who is playing the Queen of Hearts and is co-directing with Caudill, agreed. “We wanted each person to make their character their own. We wanted them to put their own twist on it,” Cornett said, explaining that she and Caudill didn’t want everyone to solely get inspiration from cartoons and other variations of the story.

Many of the students said they feel connected to their characters and have enjoyed the process of developing them further. 

“I really resonate with Alice because as the story goes on she kind of gets brattier and angrier, and I really like that,” said PCCHS junior, Haley Fugate, who is portraying Alice. 

“I just really like to play high-energy, off the wall characters that I can just have fun with,” said Michael Maggard, a PCCHS senior playing the Mad Hatter, agreeing with Fugate. 

Everyone in the production said they are hoping for and expecting a large turnout. 

“I feel like the name recognition is going to bring a lot of people and how different it is will blow them away,” said Caudill. “They’re going to have fun, kids especially.”

“I think this would be the most appropriate thing to bring community children and families to, because this is a play for them,” said Neace.

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