This week, the numbers of confirmed positive and probable COVID-19 cases continued to rise in Perry County and throughout the entire Kentucky River District Health Department service area.

“As we have seen restrictions loosen and more people getting together, we anticipated we would see more (cases) spread and unfortunately that’s exactly what we’ve seen,” said KRDHD Public Health Director Scott Lockard. This rise in numbers, he said, can be contributed to fatigue and cabin fever many people are feeling from self-isolation during the pandemic.

Many of the cases in Perry County, said Lockard, are stemming from areas where large crowds of people congregate or visit. As schools bring back employees for training, he said, there have been staff members confirmed positive. Additionally, Lockard said, there have been more church-related cases spreading, travel-related cases and cases in drug rehabilitation facilities, as well as ARH. The ARH Psychiatric Center, said Lockard, has recently had an outbreak of COVID-19, but is trying to contain it.

“The psych center has had several cases, so we’ve been working with them and they’ve been working hard to contain that outbreak there,” said Lockard.

The newly-confirmed cases bring the KRDHD total to 413 cases, with 380 confirmed, 33 probable, 262 recovered, 146 active and five deceased. To date, there have been 232 COVID-19 cases in Perry County, with eight probable cases and three COVID-19 related deaths. There have been 154 recoveries in Perry County, leaving the active case number at 75 cases.

KRDHD officials are asking that residents maintain their practice of social distancing, wear face coverings when in public and to follow all other safety guidelines. By practicing universal masking, said Lockard, the community can help start an economical and health rebound.

Although the pandemic is ongoing, Lockard said it is important for people to still try to remain mentally and physically healthy, and to try to do things they enjoy while still making smart choices. To aid in this, he said, the KRDHD posts on their social media pages daily, providing information about various health conditions, programs and opportunities in the area. He continued, stating that flu season is nearing and 20 people in the district have already tested positive for it. Once vaccines are being offered, he said, it is very important to get the vaccine, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

“Everything else in our lives doesn’t stop because of the pandemic, and we still need to be mindful of these other things. We’re still trying to do health education,” said Lockard. “I think one of the things we neglect the most is our mental health and well-being. Yeah, we do have a pandemic, but don’t let fear rule your life, just be smart and do those things you enjoy and keep you mentally healthy.”

For updates on programs and information provided by the KRDHD, visit their Facebook page or website.

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