After nearly a decade, many people in Perry County look forward to the the annual “Run for the Hills” fundraising event.

This year, however, something new will be taking its place.

The Perry County Community Foundation’s annual “Run for the Hills” fundraiser is coming to an end after eight years and is to be replaced by “Supporting Success in Perry County,” A competitive grant program intended to provide operational, programming or endowment-building support for organizations in Perry County.

Erica Knight, PCCF community engagement officer, said the new “Supporting Success in Perry County” event is still focused on supporting organizations in Perry County, although the process will be different than the foundation’s previous fundraisers.

According to Knight, the process begins with a competitive grant application process, followed by a three-month fundraising campaign. During this time, the selected organizations will work to raise money on behalf of their causes.

Money raised during the campaign by each of the participating organizations will be matched dollar-for-dollar based on their approved award amounts (up to $10,000) by the Perry County Community Foundation. The money raised, as well as the match provided by the Foundation, can go toward daily operations, project or program support or endowment-building. Knight said,

“The biggest thing in this is that they’re taking grant applications and not just going through non-profits like they typically do,” Knight said. “This is opened up to a wider variety of organizations.”

Knight said that any IRS-designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization working in Perry County, county or city government entity, public institutions of higher education or independent school districts working within Perry County may apply.  

Although organizations are welcome to apply, Knight said, the primary focus areas of the Perry County Community Foundation should be kept in mind when completing the application. These areas include education, housing and family assets, culture and recreation, environment, health and well-being, youth and economic development. Knight said that preference will be given to organizations with operating budgets of $5 million or less and organizations with a majority of employees and/or a significant volunteer base in Perry County.

Interested organizations must apply using the PCCF grant application by July 31. Those selected to participate in this challenge will be notified early August, 2019. Fundraising will begin in August and last until October.

The application can be found at,

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