On Aug. 20, during the monthly fiscal court meeting, representatives of the Perry County Conservation District announced their recent acceptance of an award, and gave a presentation to the court about what they do for the area.

Bobby Brown, chairman of the Perry County Conservation District, said that the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts (KACD)  named the Perry County Conservation District the 2019 Outstanding Conservation District of the Year for the East Division Award winner.

 The award, he said, was announced at the KACD’s 76th annual meeting.

Patty Fugate, the Perry County Conservation District program coordinator, said the award is a very big honor and each year, KACD only recognizes two of the 121 conservation districts for their outstanding programs, one from the west (KACD Areas 1-4) and one from the east (KACD Areas 5-9).

“There are 120 counties in the state, but there are 121 conservation districts, one county has two,” Fugate said. “So we were one of two out of 121 counties that got this award.”

The Perry County Conservation District, members said, works diligently throughout the year on many services for the community including: E-Waste Program, Conservation Camp Scholarships, Continuing Education Scholarships, Tree Seedling Giveaways, Garden Seed Workshop, Wildlife Food Plot Workshop, Poster and Essay Contests, Soil Stewardship Week activities, grant opportunities for local schools, recycling programs, local cost share programs and more.

Brown said the group has recently finished cleaning up a bridge area on Sam Campbell’s Branch in the Krypton community of Perry County. This road, he said, has been a problem area for illegal dumping and has been cleaned up many times before.

“We just completed the clean up of a low water bridge on Sam Campbell’s Branch and that was one of the things we included in this presentation,” Brown said. “The water is now running through under the bridge and is not blocked or dammed up as it was.”

While cleaning the area, Brown said, they removed 58 bags of garbage from under the bridge, and removed approximately 30 tires and many truck loads of trees and brush.

Perry County Judge-Executive Scott Alexander said that he, along with the fiscal court, are glad to have the conservation district so involved with the community.

“We sure thank you all and congratulate you on that award,” said Alexander. “You all do an amazing job partnering with us to clean the community,” he said.  “We all know Bobby. He’s a hard driver, but he helps. He cares about the community and we appreciate that and his service.”

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