During the Aug. 20 Perry County School Board Meeting, board members voted unanimously on keeping the property tax at the same rate, 54.8 centers per $100 of assessed value. Board member Lloyd Engle said that he believes there was no need to raise the tax rate.

“We’re the cheapest district, I guess, around here in Eastern Kentucky,” said Engle. “I think Pike County is 88.7, Hazard is 58.1 and we’re (Perry County) at 54.8.”

Engle added that during his time as a board member, he had not seen the board vote for the property tax rate to increase.

“The three years I’ve been on the school board, we’ve not increased the taxes, and the reason we’ve not increased it is, you know, it’s hard times, a lot of people aren’t working and this extra tax money makes it rough on families in this school system,” said Engle.

According to documents provided during the board meeting, the tax rate has remained at a similar rate since the 2015-16 school year. Engle said there were those in administration who had wanted the board to raise the property tax rate by 4 percent.

He also added that the board had the chance to increase their own pay, but voted against it.

“A couple months ago, they offered us a pay increase as board members,” he said. “We get $75 a meeting and we could have jumped it to $150 a meeting. That money we get comes out of the general fund, so we turned that down.”

Engle said he and the his fellow board members preferred the general fund be used to benefit the schools.

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