Perry participates in National Day of Prayer

The Way, a local organization that, among other missions helps recovering addicts get sober, held a meeting to celebrate National Day of Prayer, before marching downtown to pray for the county.

On May 2, various churches, organizations and community members held events to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.

One event was the county’s annual gathering of various churches, organizations and community members by Hazard City Hall to pray with one another for the city, county, state and nation. This event was sponsored by the Perry County Ministerial Fellowship and was organized by Emily Hudson. The theme this year was “love one another.”

During this event, the group prayed for the seven centers of influence: government, military, media/arts, business, education, church and family. Speakers from different religious denominations prayed for and spoke about America (John 13:34), the church (John 13:35), families (John 4:7), all ethnicities (1 Corinthians 13:6-8) and that people will love God (Romans 13:11).

The prayer for our nation and national leaders was led by Jim Riley, the prayer for our state and state leaders was led by Mark Combs and the prayer for our county and city and our local leaders was led by Eldon Miller. The prayer for military, law enforcement and first responders was led by Dana Feltner. The prayer for youth and education systems was led by Sam Stacy. The prayer for family was led by Greta Raleigh. The prayer for the homeless and those struggling with addiction was led by Donnie Enfusse. The prayer for Israel and Middle East nations was led by Bridgett Cornett. The prayer for the church was led by Charles and Greta Raleigh.

Another of the county’s big events to celebrate the National Day of Prayer was a meeting and march held by The Way, a  local organization that helps recovering addicts find treatment. Members of the organization gathered in their building on Main Street and welcomed the community to pray with them. Afterwards, the group ate together and marched downtown praying for the city.

“I think it is a very important day that we need to recognize and for all denominations to come together and pray for our nation, cities and counties,” said Becky Kilburn, one of The Way’s co-founders.

Her husband and the other co-founder of the group, Albert “Bo” Kilburn, said,“It says in the Bible that there are two great commandments, and they’re love God and love one another. If we can do that, we can make changes to any place. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Kilburn then discussed Jeremiah 29:7 and the importance of praying for the community.

“That’s what we’re here to do, pray for our city to prosper spiritually as much as any other way because we’re in dire need of love in this county,” he said, pointing out the increasing amount of murders, overdoses and violent crimes. “Love can change all of that.”

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