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Last week, on Nov. 18, community members gathered to celebrate a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand re-opening of the Read Spotted Newt in its new location on Memorial Drive in Hazard.

Owner Mandi Fugate Sheffel said she has been planning to move the business for a while, but wanted to gauge the community response before doing so.

“Obviously, the plan was to expand from day one. It was just (a wait) to see how much of a need there was for the business,” said Sheffel. “We had a really good first year.”

Community support, she said, has been very good.

Sheffel said that, a few months ago, she began looking at possible locations that were larger. When the building formerly used as the Welcome Center and the Black Gold Committee building became available, she liked the idea of moving there.

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Last week, community members celebrated the grand re-opening of the Read Spotted Newt in its new location.

“This one is such a cool building. It's a piece of history, a part of downtown,” said Sheffel. “I think it is a perfect space. It's just the right size — it's not too big, it's not more than I can manage,” she said.

The store's current hours of operation are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from noon until 6 p.m. On Dec. 1, Sheffel said, the hours will change to Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 6 p.m., adding Thursday as an extra day of business.