Over the weekend, according to officials with the Kentucky State Police Post 13 in Hazard, a fatal shooting and arson occurred in the Big Willard community of Perry County, and the investigation is still ongoing.

KSP Post 13 Trooper Jody Sims said that at approximately 5 p.m. June 20, KSP Post 13 received a call that an older male individual had been found in his vehicle in his driveway in the Big Willard community and he appeared to be dead. Sims said troopers were sent to the scene and located the vehicle parked in a driveway that was nearly half a mile long. The individual inside the vehicle, said Sims, appeared to be deceased.

“He appeared to be deceased from an apparent gunshot wound,” said Sims. “There was an also an issue where when they got there and went on up to his house, they found the house had been burned, or it was burned. So we’ve got an active death investigation and an arson investigation involved with this situation, but at this point, there is no clear direction as far as suspects or any kind of circumstances surrounding this whole tragic situation.”

Sims said the general public is safe to a point, but KSP does want to advise community members in the Big Willard area to be more alert to their surroundings. If anyone notices something suspicious, said Sims, contact the Kentucky State Police or the Perry County Sheriff’s Office for assistance.

“Right now it looks like an isolated or targeted incident, but there’s still a tremendous amount of the investigation that needs to be done on it,” said Sims.

The victim, said Sims, was identified as Teddy Feltner, 68. No remains were found inside the house, said Sims. More information will be determined as the investigation proceeds, said Sims.

If anyone has any information regarding this investigation, please contact the Kentucky State Police Post 13 at, (606) 435-6069.

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