Teens honored as lifesavers

Three local teens were named Dukes of Hazard by Mayor Donald “Happy” Mobelini after they helped save a child from drowning while on lifeguard duty at the Hazard Pavilion. Pictured from left are, Zach Holbrook, Mayor Mobelini, Dawson Browning and Weston Sizemore.

Mayor Donald “Happy” Mobelini honored three local teens during the April meeting of the Hazard City Commission for their calm reaction to a potentially life-threatening incident that took place at the Hazard Pavilion pool recently. 

Dawson Browning, Weston Sizemore and Zach Holbrook were on duty as lifeguards when a child sank to the bottom of the deep end of the pool. 

“All three of these kids are certified lifeguards at the Pavilion,” said Mobelini, “There was an incident there that could have been tragic had these young men not been there.” 

Hazard City Manager Derrick Hall said that he arrived on the scene shortly after the incident. 

“A younger child did not know how to swim and made it to the deep end,” Hall said, adding the child sank to the bottom of the pool and was pulled out by the three lifeguards, who then called 911. 

“There was a paramedic with EMS Services who was there with the party that was going on,” Hall said. “He began CPR as soon as the guys got the child out of the pool for two minutes and ended up getting a pulse back.” According to Hall, the child was sent to the hospital as a precaution. “

“They did a great job,” Hall said. “They were as calm as could be, they were doing what they were supposed to do.”

Browning, Sizemore and Holbrook were presented with certificates naming them Dukes of Hazard by Mobelini.

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