The unbelievable recent rains poured and poured, flooding the North Fork of the Kentucky River in eastern Kentucky leaving death and destruction in its wake. Many people dead and missing, homes and businesses along the river washed away as if they were little match sticks leaving many hard working people dead and missing.

Being a former resident and knowing the heartache of what recently happened...many years ago, my parents and many others lost their homes and businesses to the same river.

The people of that part of the world are strong, compassionate people and know that they will overcome.

God Bless.

Edna Gay,

Cincinnati, Ohio

An open letter to the members of the E.O. Robinson Board

Moving along Route 476, travelers will come to a deeply satisfying straight stretch of road dominated by a mountain that casts off a glint from its rock layers, a miracle made by God that the locals call Silver Mine. Near the foot of Silver Mine rests another miracle, this one again crafted by God and established as a community center called Homeplace.

Over the years Homeplace has provided education, healthcare, food, crafts, a playground, a soccer field, a baseball field, fire station and gym for the community to use, all part of Mr. Robinson's vision to be a neighbor, a vision that enriched the lives of the people. That legacy of services, of opportunities, became part of the soul of the area.

Now a flood has devastated that area, but not the heart and soul of the people.

As the members of the board you now have to make decisions about what happens to Homeplace.

I would encourage you to remember that the Homeplace legacy is not built upon buildings, which while new are not reflective of people's heart.

Consider instead how the board can best renew the soul of Homeplace. Consider how best to preserve a history that has warmed the hearts and minds of ancestors and is carried in the emotional genes of current day people. Build your legacy not on new-but-sterile constructions, but on constructions that keep intact all that Homeplace was and is.

Ron and Teresa Reed,


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