There are two types of reactions when people encounter a problem: They either see it as an opportunity or an obstacle.

Those who see the problem as an obstacle will often give up and let the problem continue. After all, we’re prone to  finding ways around, not over, obstacles.

Those who see the opportunity in a problem, however, are leaders — people with vision who often find ways to not just overcome the problem but lead others to do the same.

Thankfully, it appears that Bobby Brown, a member of the Krypton Volunteer Fire Department, is one of those who sees the opportunity inherent in the area’s trash problem.

Brown and others have worked to get the fire department ready to accept discarded items such as televisions, computers, monitors, keyboards, microwave ovens and electric cookers, which they will then take to the recycling facility at the Perry County Garage.

The reason is simple: Brown has attempted to find a way to take a proactive stance toward preventing those items from “trashing” our landscape and being dumped in an illegal dump or other place.

It’s a small step, but an important one. Eastern Kentucky communities have struggled for years to just deal with solid waste collection itself, with household recycling pickup still many years off in those communities.

We’re grateful that the volunteer fire department, already an organization working to improve its community, is willing to take this on. 

It matters. While this may not end Perry County’s litter problem, it sets an example. Proposing a fix to a problem is one thing. Taking the bull by the horns and attempting to take on a fix yourself is quite another and it’s something we welcome.

Where are the others? We’re sure Perry County is full of people who have ideas about how to fix the problems we face. Perhaps they’ve been led to believe their voice doesn’t matter or that no one will listen. But we’re listening. The Krypton Volunteer Fire Department was listening and is now working to improve their community, one item at a time.

Let’s stop talking about the problems more than we’re talking about the possible fixes. Let’s work together to improve our community. The Krypton Fire Department is setting a good example for us to follow.

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