Recently, Roy G. Eversole Elementary students celebrated their 100th day of school. Jonah Mullins, student with Down Syndrome who suffered a stroke in November, surprised his classmates. 

As part of their “Race to 100” competition, the school raised more than $2,000 for Jonah and his family. The money will be used to help the family travel to Boston Feb. 28 when Jonah goes for brain surgery.

We often hear of horrible stories in Kentucky and nationwide of children and students being bullied because they are different. 

This does not appear to be the case at Roy G. Eversole, which is setting an example for how schools accept others who are different. The moment when Jonah walked onto the gym floor, his classmates chanted “Jonah” and stomped their feet in unison. It was a moment many people won’t soon forget. 

There was nothing but love in that gym. Love and acceptance for who Jonah is. Jonah always wears his My Little Pony hat that has a rainbow tail on the back. 

His classmates watch out for him on the playground. His mother also said his classmates and his teachers make sure he is safe when he is in school.

This is the way it should be. We should celebrate our differences and what makes us unique, but we all need to understand that we are all human. No one deserves less respect or less love because they are different. 

Principal Jamie Fugate should be proud of his students, staff, and his school. He should be commended for leading the way in the acceptance of students with special needs and those who may be different. 

We, as a society, should follow in the footsteps of this school. Parents of these students at Roy G. Eversole should be proud of their children, and we should all take to heart the lesson they’re teaching us.


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