It’s an often-heard statement: “There’s nothing to do around here.”

But realistically that’s not true, and especially this weekend.

The annual Perry County Fair will begin Thursday at the Perry County Park with a number of new and returning events that will offer nearly every member of the family something in the realm of entertainment.

From Civil War skirmish reenactments to performances by the Omega Force Strength Team and Torres Family Circus, there’s plenty of interesting entertainment. 

But added to those events are performances by the incredible wealth of local musical talent we have in the area, including groups such as Anointed, Eric “Pistol” Combs, Cody Morgan Band, Midlife Crisis and Halfway to Hazard.

Spending some time listening to these groups will lead one to the conclusion that not only is this area one of the best-kept secrets musically, but is also home to artists performing in an increasingly diversified range of genres and styles.

And here’s the kicker — for all this entertainment, the cost is absolutely nothing. The Perry County Fair events are put on at no cost to the attendees.

Of course, if you want to spend money, there will be vendors and crafters willing to provide you with high-quality food or merchandise. That money spent will circulate back into the community, ensuring that, while there is no cost to attend the fair, that it still brings some economic benefit to the community.

The Perry County Fair has a lot going for it.

It’s not only a way for local people to have fun on a summer weekend, but it also brings visitors into the community and results in economic benefits.

More than that, however, events like the Perry County Fair offer a unique opportunity in a society that often finds more which divides than unites.

One of the main reasons behind fairs and similar events has always been to bring the community together in a light-hearted, fun environment. While we’re not quite as geographically and relationally divided as we have been in the past, it’s easy to argue that we’re much farther apart in many ways than we were then.

There’s few things that can bring people together in such a positive way than an event like the Perry County Fair.

So we encourage you to come out for the fun, come out for the food, come out for the festival, but, most of all, come out for the fellowship. Because, while the ways we communicate with each other may have changed, what has not changed is the fact that we need each other.

So have some fun and improve your community at the same time. We’ll see you at the fair.

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