You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t want the U.S. to be the world’s police organization, then you can’t criticize the way we run our country. 

What’s happening at the southern U.S. border is a tragedy — a tragedy for which no one really has an answer. But when we try to enact our laws we get criticized by our own citizens and the rest of the world for being cruel and inhumane. 

The problem manifests outside our borders, while the results happen at our border. Where is the outrage and news coverage in third-world countries that are treating their people so terribly that they lose hope and will risk their lives and the temporary surrender of their children to illegally enter the U.S.?

People are leaving their countries because the conditions are so horrible that they have no choice, no hope. They assume that since the U.S. is open to all, they can illegally enter and will travel for weeks or months to do so. But we have laws, and if you choose to enter this country to become a citizen you may do so, but you must do it legally. 

Right now, there are an incredible number of people entering illegally. It’s so many that it’s virtually impossible to absorb. We saw pictures of people and children in fenced in areas, which gave a horrible optic. You can only assume that the mass influx of people is impossible to process, so temporary holding areas are needed, which I guess is the reason for the fencing.  

When our laws are broken there are consequences, which means processing the illegals while their children are being housed. The president is blaming the Democrats and the Democrats are blaming the Republicans. The reality is they are both to blame, meanwhile it’s still costing the American taxpayers millions.  

The children who were being housed while their parents are being processed are getting shelter, medical assessments, food and water and are being humanely cared for. Considering the conditions from which they came; drug cartels and gangs shooting people in the streets, corrupt governments and extreme poverty, this temporary solution is probably not a bad alternative. 

Our government has to make choices because other countries governments are acting cruel and inhumanely. We have to process the illegals and in doing so separate the families. However, there should be a better way. With all the technology available you would think that while legitimate adults who are truly seeking asylum for their families, our system can provide a reasonable way to ensure that after the holding period, the families can be reunited. President Trump signed an order to not separate the families.

Now what? What happens to these illegal border crossers? Past administrations vowed to ship them back to the hell holes from which they came. That’s cruel and inhumane. 

The illegals who are truly seeking a better life should be processed, and if they are to appear in court to pay a fine, they should do so. If they truly want to have a better life for themselves and their children, they should be accountable to the U.S. for obtaining legal employment, becoming a citizen and paying into our system under a specific timeframe. 

If that doesn’t happen or they continue to break laws, they should get deported immediately. 

Our government can’t and shouldn’t be the world police. Complete annihilation of drugs in drug-infested countries is an answer but that won’t happen. We can’t even control the drugs and gangs in this country without being called cruel and inhumane. ‘So, we are stuck with accepting people who choose a better life. The rest of them need to be sent back. 

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