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Many animal shelters across the nation are currently experiencing an overflow of animals, mostly cats and dogs, being brought in and the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter is no exception. Workers in the shelter claim the lack of volunteers is hardly a match to the continuous intake of animals, especially during this time of the year. 

According to the shelter’s manager, Allie Mullins, the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter is housing approximately 200 animals, which is well over their capacity, said Mullins. She continued, explaining that every two weeks, the shelter sends out to rescues in other areas. 

We keep a September 27, 2013, essay by the Pew Charitable Trusts tucked away on our desk. We keep it as a reminder.

The headline reads: “Kentucky’s Successful Public Pension Reform.” This is followed by a subhead, which reads: “The Bipartisan Effort in 2013 Resulted in Fair and Effective Retirement System for Employees and Taxpayers Alike.”