The NFL Draft is like Christmas morning for football fans, but if you’re a fan of a losing team and you have a Top 5 pick, then it may be even more exciting than Christmas morning.

The NFL Draft is the ultimate day of hope.

You have a million scenarios running through your head and how you can help improve your team.

So last Thursday through Saturday, the NFL held it’s yearly draft.

As a Bengals fan, I was more than excited. Everything is planned around the draft the first two days.

Day 1, Trevor Lawrence went No. 1 to Jacksonville.

The New York Jets followed with a quarterback at No. 2 with Zach Wilson from BYU. San Francisco traded up earlier this offseason from No. 12 to No. 3, so surely they were going quarterback as well. The first unknown of the draft really came at No. 3. The 49ers went quarterback, but it wasn’t Justin Fields from Ohio State or Mac Jones from Alabama, they went with potential and Trey Lance from North Dakota State.

Then No. 4 came.

Going into the draft, I told everyone I would be happy with either Kyle Pitts a tight end from Florida, Penei Sewell an offensive tackle from Oregon or Ja’Marr Chase a wide receiver and former teammate of current Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

Pitts went off the board at No. 4. He is 6 foot 6 and 250 pounds and runs a 4.4 40-yard dash. Ridiculous athlete.

So we missed out on him, but were assured to get one of the other two.

Our pick came in and it was Chase.

Great pick.

He is one of the highest rated wide receivers in the draft in years.

He is a winner and has a built in chemistry with Burrow.

I saw some people were upset that the Bengals didn’t go with Sewell.

There were a lot of people and who thought Sewell was the right pick.

Burrow suffered a gruesome season-ending leg injury last year and the offensive line needed help.

I get the argument.

If I were in charge, chances are, I would’ve drafted Sewell.

But I can’t be mad about the Chase pick.


The Bengals worked to upgrade the offensive line during the offseason.

And this was a deep draft class for offensive lineman as well.

The Bengals ended up drafting Jackson Carmen an offensive lineman in the second round. There were higher rated lineman on the board, but former Bengal great Willie Anderson thought he was the best guy available.

In the third round, the Bengals selected Joseph Ossai a defensive end from Texas. Ossai was a potential first round pick. So getting him in the third was a steal. Ossai was an All-American at Texas and was the MVP of the Senior Bowl. Huge upset and will help our pass rush get even better.

The Bengals kept trying to upgrade the defensive and offensive lines in the fourth round.

Cincinnati had three picks in round No. 4. The first selection of the fourth round was Cameron Sample another defensive end; he played at Tulane. Then the Bengals selected another former teammate of Burrow’s at LSU. This time it was on the defensive side of the ball as they picked defensive tackle Tyler Shelvin. Then the Bengals went back to the offensive line with D’Ante Smith an offensive tackle from East Carolina.

In round 5, the Bengals upgraded a big need — kicker.

Randy Bullock hasn’t been the answer at kicker since taking over the duties a few years ago. He’s inconsistent and that’s not what you’re looking for at that spot.

So in the sixth round, Evan McPherson was the first kicker chosen. We got our guy.

Why draft a kicker?

Nobody drafts kickers now.

But it’s showing confidence in him to take him that high and saying he’s Bengals kicker of the future.

In round six, the Bengals went back to the offensive line and selected Trey Hill a center from Georgia and followed it with Chris Evans a running back from Michigan.

The late picks are never sure things to even make the roster, but Evans has potential to be a good NFL player.

The Bengals’ last pick was Wyatt Hubert defensive end from Kansas State.

Whatever you think about Chase or Sewell and whether the Bengals got it right in the first round is your opinion.

I was going to be happy with either because both are talented and had potential to help Day 1.

So Chase is our guy now.

I’m thrilled.

In today’s NFL, you have to have playmakers and score the ball.

We have that with Chase.

Last year’s top receiver in the NFL Draft class was Justin Jefferson. Jefferson was the No. 2 receiver to Chase at LSU.

Plus, you have to keep your quarterback happy.

If Burrow wanted Chase over Sewell, you have to go with the quarterback.

He knows Chase.

He’s friends with Chase and that keeps him happy.

Look at Green Bay with the Aaron Rodgers mess and what happens when you don’t give your quarterback weapons to throw to.

They become disgruntled and frustrated because they don’t have enough weapons and defenses can scheme around one or two guys on offense.

Hopefully, Burrow and Chase bring the same kind of success to Cincinnati that they did to LSU just a couple of years ago and it equals a championship in the future.

I know I’m happy about the potential that this year’s draft class has and I can’t wait until the season starts.

Draft Day was kind of like Christmas and Bengals fans can’t wait to see what Chase does for the franchise in the future.

Who Dey.

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